MARK Production 
The MARK has created an Investment program designed and dedicated  to

the interests of emerging and mid-career artists. The MARK’s long-term

financial planning services allow artists to invest their artworks  alongside

a community of select artists, thereby providing a uniquely diversified

alternative income stream. Our vision is to build an Integrated financial

services firm that caters to the financial needs of the artist.


Gallery MARK will provide the client with selection of experts that best 

match individually determined preferences. The MARK allows the client

to define interests by Regin, medium, genre, price range, among other

specific criteria. The expert will then accordingly advise the client in a

one-on-one conversation.


The Scene
Gallery MARK offers collectors customized tours of the word’s major art

centers, visiting studios, galleries  and museums. This is an excellent

opportunity for an art professional, collector or financial advisor to gain

insights into a regional art scene.


The MARK allows the client to select a location in a major art center.